InfoMarines works with our clients to achieve their objectives efficiently using the right technology. All of our solutions are designed to be measurable, scalable, and flexible. Our team of technology and strategy experts ensure the client’s core objectives drive each decision within our process, which typically spans from planning to execution to maintenance.

InfoMarines helps organizations use custom web- and mobile-based software to achieve objectives or overcome business challenges. We develop custom technologies as well implement or customize low-code technologies such as Salesforce, ServiceNow that typically serve large enterprise organizations and the Federal government, though we regularly take on projects for start-up businesses and not-for-profits. We provide full life cycle system engineering services ranging from agile software development to DevOps automation to COTS product integrations. We can help your organization achieve more with less by leveraging build, deployment, and test automation along with our streamlined agile development methodology.

InfoMarines understands the difficult challenges and constantly evolving risks and threats that agencies and companies face every day. Security expertise is required at every intersection of technology. InfoMarines’s growth in Cybersecurity has naturally stemmed from our software development and cloud services expertise. Our abilities landed us a key role in designing, developing, and deploying one of the largest Cybersecurity initiatives in the Federal Government for the Navy program. As we expand our technology services, we will continue to leverage our in-house governance, risk management, and compliance expertise to develop complex systems with industry-leading cyber products for our customers. We seek to bring together the business needs of customers and match them up with key analytics from the vast array of large data sources to proactively monitor for threats and continuously prioritize and resolve asset vulnerabilities.

InfoMarines helps demystify cloud services. Whether your organization is looking for high level cloud consulting to put together a comprehensive cloud adoption roadmap or merely needs cloud engineers to migrate specific applications to new cloud environments, InfoMarines has a right sized solution for your needs. InfoMarines is vendor agnostic – we support private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions from a variety of providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. We can help you find the right cloud services to empower your organization to achieve their mission while minimizing cost, increasing flexibility, and securing your data.

InfoMarines takes the headache out of Data Analytics to give you actionable information from your data. Our consultants are ready to tackle your most difficult Data Analytics challenges. From managing data migrations to data visualizations we are there with the right technology and processes to meet your needs.

InfoMarines believes in leveraging technology to solve organizational challenges, to enable strategic mission capabilities, and to empower people through intelligent automation. We offer a solution for Digital Logistics & Supply Chain Automation which first addresses the need to automate the multitude of manual steps involved, along with the business decision rules that govern the various process options. The goal of an efficient supply chain is to enable data to flow easily and used intelligently throughout the organization. By combining digital process automation, robotic process capabilities, and intelligent analytics, we are able to optimize and digitize the steps involved, enable real-time knowledge of inventory status, and automatically trigger procurement activities based on ever-changing events.